We have officially launched our QAA on LaToken

Our QAA token has been officially launched and, at this time, it can be purchased by using the Latoken platform (https://latoken.com/) and our website as well.

All the benefits of the blockchain are available and accessible to everyone, through the user-friendly interface, so that every purchaser has the option to access our newly launched token and add it to their portfolio.

Through our QAA token we aim to offer people from all over the world access to the future QAAA token, a one of a kind hybrid token that will launch in the near future on the SourceLess Blockchain (www.sourceless.io), the most technically advanced Blockchain out there.

The QAA Token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and also BEP20 standard protocol. At this time, these are the most established blockchain-based smart contract technology.

Using blockchain technology, the structure aims to eliminate bureaucratic procedures and, at the same time, increase cost-efficiency, compared to the general costs that come from financial investments focused on similar assets.

Looking at the big picture, the greatest advantage for anyone joining our project is the opportunity to take part in the further stages of Qommodity at the current price level. On top of all, we offer a guarantee where the QAA is an asset-backed token.

The guarantee is a statement of dedication as the Board of directors of Tandem Liber Holdings, our Natural Resources Division in Sierra Leone, and all of its shareholders will also provide a hard guarantee for the support of every purchaser.

In addition, we intend to create our own marketplace with our partners who will provide the QAA Tokens.

Present in Sierra Leone since 2009, we have proven resources with the help of our partners – Tandem Liber Holdings. The goal of Qommodity is to use the proven in-ground resources to give value to the land itself and, thus, maximise the value in order to be able to offer the surrounding communities a far better life with access to clean water, medicine, a healthcare system and many more.

Moreover, the token created by Qommodity is not like any other token, it is a project created for everybody. The system behind it is entirely based on custom support and tailored consultancy in order to offer every person out there the chance to become a part of our project, which represents a revolution in digital asset management.

Thus, one of the main features of Qommodity is facilitating access to the next crypto opportunity, the one that’ll become Bitcoin 2.0.

In short, our goal is to help people build a legacy and achieve a financially free future in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

Our newly launched QAA token can be purchased at the following link: https://latoken.com/exchange/QAA_USDT

More details on the project can be found on our website: