The world we live in today


Take a moment and answer this question: WHAT IS LIFE? Do you feel like you are living or are you mostly surviving? We, as people, are being taught from a very young age that we have to go to school, get a good job, have a family and work until we die. Nobody tells us much about how we can make the most out of the years we have on Earth and nobody ever helps us enrich our lives with good deeds, the kind that makes us feel WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD!



We spend our entire lives going from our homes to our offices, back and forth, and think this is the best part of it all. Still, if you are living in the modern world, many are unhappy with their life. Lots of people complain about how much money they earn or  how the social system works. Truth is, the reality is way different than the one we know of. If you think your life is hard, you might want to think again: just as you are reading this, people die from hunger. In fact, every 3 seconds somebody dies because of extreme poverty – lack of food or access to basic medical care, and other causes. How many have taken action to solve this global catastrophe? If you don’t live among these people, we have no idea how their lives are, but we know, because WE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR MORE THAN 12 YEARS LIVING BEWEEN THEM!



For instance, in Makoko, the biggest settlement built on stilts along the lagoon, things are worse because of the civilized communities in the proximity. All the garbage in the waters comes from the civilized communities around. And this is another harsh truth nobody talks about. The more developed a country is, the more it pollutes and destroys the planet. Moreover, they received no money from the Governments and until a few years ago, they had no access to education. From all the money gathered, the community received… nothing.



We are present in Sierra Leone from 2009 through our partners from Tandem Liber Holdings and have proven resources. NI43-101 is a professional code of practice that sets minimum standards for Public Reporting of minerals Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves. It is developed by the Canadian Securities Administrators and is a rule that governs how companies disclose scientific and technical information about mineral projects to the public in Canada.



But our goal is not to use these resources to destroy the planet. ON THE CONTRARY, WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT THE PLANET! Having all these proven assets in the ground gives value to the land and therefore we can maximize this value to offer the communities around a better life: access to education, hygiene products, food, sanitary systems and many more. We know how to do it because we are already doing it!

If we come together, we can protect the assets as they are for the future generations. An appropriate example is Romania, thanks to a resourceful area, Rosia Montana (the Golden Quadrilateral) with gold and silver deposits. The resources are not being exploited, but the country takes loans based on the values that reside here.

And this is what we want to create in all parts of the world, starting with Sierra Leone, where we are already active. We’re not here to destroy nature. We’re not here to steal these people’s resources. On the contrary, we are here to help them benefit from them. Because we have these minerals and have the chance to benefit from their value. Together, as a community. Our plan is to be here for the long run, not to take as much as we can and leave nothing behind. There were people- and governments in the past that did exactly this: they colonized the territories; they took the resources and left the people starving. No, we are here to offer access to education, to create a better life for the communities living here and more importantly, TO STOP PEOPLE FROM SUFFERING! This is the only chance to create something bigger than us, to build a legacy and to make a difference in this world.

All we have to do is to take the information we have and to find more people who share the same vision, people like YOU who want to be part of this movement, of this change, people who want to inspire others, to create successful models than can be duplicated and even more, who want to BUILD A LEGACY! We’re not here to destroy the land, to dig for precious metals, to have a negative impact on the environment. We have the tools and the possibility to create a better life by protecting these resources.

It is time to have a wake-up call and understand that only by acting differently can we create a better, prosperous and safer life for future generations. And there are a few communities that understand this already. In Kenya, for example, the usage of plastic is forbidden by law because they know that it destroys the planet as it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Another positive example is Kassel, in Germany, with Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and take a break from the dynamic life of the city.



In Milano, people plant forests on top of the building to have clean air and reduce pollution. And the world needs more and more examples like these to build a better future!

But to build such things you need the power of a community. A single person cannot change the world by himself, but when inspired and determined people come together, they do have the power to change everything. Don’t believe us? Think about it: a big company can manage waste through one of its divisions. But the people in the community are the ones who clean the forests. Because a higher purpose is what gives us the drive to act, it is what makes us feel alive and feel like we can really change for the better our life and the lives of our beloved ones. And this is what we want to create! Our goal is to come together to use all our powers combined to make the world better. We are not money-driven, because we know that if you only go for the profits, nothing else matters! We’re sure you know this too: the moment a company, a bank, or a government has all the money it wants, they no longer care about the others! We are here to share everything, because we are not looking to get rich by ourselves, we are looking to create something bigger than that, something that will be here long after we’re gone!

True cooperation

True cooperation

Great things can be achieved only by cooperation and unity and this is where Qommodity comes in – Qommodity is the enabler! Under Qommodity, everything is about sharing – sharing skills, ideas, and wealth as this is the only way to do something big. Once you are interested in sharing with others, you don’t focus anymore on accumulating wealth for yourself, and this is the safe place we are all looking for! No more competition, only cooperation – that’s how we are going to add value to the lives of other people and change the destiny of so many communities!

An example of what the power of a community can do is Dubai – only when few people with influence came together, they managed to build one of the most important cities in the world, a place that brings value to others and is appreciated worldwide. And if you think they make money out of it, let us tell you that it is just a consequence of the shared value they create. Can it be done again in any other place in the world? Might be. But the difficulties one might encounter are countless because every country functions by its own rules and laws. The more developed the country, the more laws it has. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a bad thing. At the same time, people are looking for ways to escape this system, to benefit from what places like Dubai has to offer. Just think about it: in your country, wherever you are, most probably you have to take out a loan to buy a house for you and your family. And every loan means a mortgage you pay for many years. If you choose to buy an apartment in Dubai, you pay directly to the real estate developer: no interest, no additional costs. Why is it so and why do they think and act so differently? Because they understood that you have to stop thinking about yourself and start cooperating with others, as the best results can be achieved within a community while working as a community. As we mentioned above, shared skills, shared gains and shared value are the most important things.

This is the result of a sustainable plan

When you put together all the knowledge you have, no matter the domain, you get the chance to find new ideas, to explore more opportunities and to create something new, maybe something nobody has thought of before.

When you go for shared wealth instead of accumulating for yourself, you have a better chance to protect your assets and to benefit in the long run.

If you want to create shared value, your choices and deeds will be much more appreciated and you will see the difference you make. In the end, it all comes down to the higher purpose we talked about before.

We decided to start in Africa because the communities here really need our help. We know it because we have been living here for the past 13 years. But we can do this anywhere in the world. This is just the starting point, as we said, you only need a successful model, the rest will come afterwards. Here, in Africa, we already have the resources, as the countries here are rich with natural resources. We have the means, as we’ve been investing during this entire period.

What we will do differently this time is that we won’t exploit the resources like in the past, we are here to help the people understand the value of their land and benefit from it. We know that in the past, colonizing countries took the resources for their own benefit from countries in South Africa, Pakistan, India, and the list could go on.

At the moment, 101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (most of them British) control over $1 trillion worth of key resources in Africa (gold, platinum, diamonds, copper, oil, gas, and gold). A quarter of those companies are incorporated in tax havens. As Roosevelt said back in 1943: “for every dollar that the British have put here, they have taken out 10”. More than 7 decades later, despite the end of colonialism and years of being offered aid, the African continent loses £203 billion because of natural resource exploitation.

Even now, Western developed countries have soy fields in Africa, because they understood something very important for every country and big company in the world: it is much cheaper to exploit the workforce in an underdeveloped country than to use local workforce. In Europe, a farmer earns more than 1,000 euro per month (even 2,000 in some cases), meanwhile a farmer in Africa gets about 250 euro per month. And this is not the only example. There are so many other companies that choose to open headquarters in other countries as the workforce is cheaper there: Western companies in the IT industry choose to hire people from China or India because the skills are similar while the wages are much lower, call center companies choose to hire people in the Philippines/ India as most people speak English while working at a lower-than-average wage compared to that in many western countries.

Unfortunately, many of these companies add value to the community. They pay the salaries and that’s it. Nothing more for the people living there and around. Today this is a very well-known fact.

The majority understands and realizes that money circulates only in one direction and that only the top 1% are interested in making more money for themselves than caring for the local communities surrounding their workplaces. In fact, the poor people are those who end up paying most of the taxes, and are the first ones to be affected during a financial crisis. We are here to make a positive contribution, but we can only do so by getting together with people who share the same values and mindset. We’re not interested in speculating, nor do we want individuals by our side who are interested in getting rich overnight. Rather we want to meet people who understand that financial security is achieved in the long term and is not the main goal – the main goal is to build a legacy others can enjoy and benefit from too. Qommodity is the missing piece of a puzzle that brings together the modern world, the one you live in nowadays, and the world where these people that need our help are right now. And blockchain technology is the tool we use to show you WE ARE TRULY COMMITTED ABOUT IT!

As you probably know, blockchain technology allows us to be transparent in our activity, and we want to let you know all our moves, where the money goes and how we impact various communities. Even in our tokenomics you can see all these – most of the tokens are being directed to improving these communities, to give them access to education, to offer them a better life. This way, they won’t be forced to leave their homelands to live a better life, they can all stay and help us make the change. We don’t need to paint the windows for them anymore, WE BUILD HOUSES WITH WINDOWS INSTEAD! And if you ever doubt us, all you have to do is come to Sierra Leone and have a look at our projects first hand, drinks are on us!

Our token, QAAA, “the crown of assets”, is not only a digital token, but a future asset-backed security token and all our activity complies with the highest ESG standards. It is a means to invest in life, to protect people AND nature, to make the world more livable for the benefit of all.

If you think you’ve seen this before, you haven’t! Because we are the biggest company in the world with digitized natural assets without actually exploiting them. And, unlike NGO’s that promote environment protection and community development, we are businessmen. We know what it takes to build something and how to add value to people’s lives because we have done it before. And after years of traditional business, now we want to build something bigger, OUR LEGACY! Most NGO’s are PR stunts made by those who need to repair broken images of themselves, we are people of action! Qommodity is the key for people just like you to make their dreams come true, to follow their dreams, to meet their financial goals and achieve long-term security.

Unlike practices in the traditional business world, we are not only interested in making profits for ourselves but we also take care of the community that contributes to making the profits happen. Most probably, you have already seen that when a big company reduces the number of employees, the investors’ level of interest increases as they look at the increase in annual profits – they know that less employees mean less taxes and expenses, which means more money for themselves. The people suffer and they fill their pockets. WE ARE HERE TO DO THE OPPOSITE!

Many big investors ruin good projects because they are only interested in making profits, not in creating value. It happened even with one of the most popular car brands – the majority of shares were sold, American investors came in, reduced quality of product to cut expenses, and a national brand was close to collapsing. The secret with investments is to think in the long-run: is it better to make, let’s say, 1,000 euro per year for 5 years or to make 500 euro per year for 50 years?

The most important question to ask is: how much do I earn and for how long? Remember, it’s all about creating a legacy, not about getting rich overnight!