What do you choose for yourself and for the next generations?


20 Jun 2022

We crave to have more but what we don’t understand is that if we do not take care of the planet, nothing will be left for our kids.

Let me give you some examples: we invented cars, petrol and plastics and all these fixed an issue back then. But now, because we haven’t taken the bigger picture into consideration, they are the number one reason for the planet’s fast-paced alteration. Moreover, we now create local wealth and don’t think about how our actions affect other people’s lives RIGHT NOW. As we stated before in no way do we think that we actually put the burden of debt on the future generations?


THINK ABOUT IT, THIS IS THE REALITY…. And we are headed towards a head-on collision with global disaster. We know that we are finite, but even though most of the actions we take are for our children’s better future, our actions do not match the mindset.