Global Data Protection Officer

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Full Time

About the Role

You as a Global Data Protection Officer, will be part of Qommodity business based in Dubai. Global responsibility for all data privacy/protection activities of Qommodity including ensuring implementation, monitoring and reviewing all applicable laws, regulations and policies regarding data privacy. Guiding and counseling Qommodity clients to ensure comprehension and coordination of the necessary internal and external data privacy/protection measures. Leading Qommodity’s initiative to ensure the certification of and ongoing compliance with the EU Binding Corporate Rules and adoption of and ongoing compliance with the EU GDPR and all applicable data privacy/protection laws, regulations and policies globally. Management and control of all data privacy/protection policies and instructions and regulatory measures. Promoting Qommodity’s public image and preventing financial or reputational damage from a data privacy/protection perspective. Advising and representing Qommodity’s interests regarding data privacy/protection matters.

Your responsibilities

- Serves as Global Data Protection Officer for Qommodity data privacy/protection matters.
- Personal accountability for the coordination of all activities relating to data privacy/protection for all legal entities, units and organizations of Qommodity globally.
- Ongoing monitoring of applicable laws, regulations and policies.
- Identification of need for action as well as elaboration and advancement, development, implementation and maintenance of data privacy/protection strategy, standards, directives, policies, procedures and standard contract provisions.
- Provides strategic data privacy/protection advice to meet strategic goals and to protect business reputation and interests and ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, directives and policies.
- Liaises with cross-functional cybersecurity incident response team in matters concerning data privacy/protection. Prepares for and responds to cybersecurity incidents concerning data privacy/protection, including providing legal advice concerning impact analysis, response, and communications.
- Responsible for advising on, drafting, and negotiating data privacy/protection provisions in complex commercial transactions.
- Manage outside counsel.
- Safety & Integrity: Living Qommodity core values of safety and integrity, which means taking responsibility for your own actions while caring for your colleagues and the business.


- Academic qualification preferably in law (alternatively in information technology)

- Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited law school and bar admission.

- IAPP CIPP/E, CIPM and CIPT qualified

- Minimum 10 years counselling companies in global data protection matters.

- At least 2 years of experience in Blockchain Industry.

- Sound legal judgment in developing and implementing legal solutions.

- Comprehensive understanding of business matters.

- Business and solution-oriented approach.

- Understanding of technical concepts and an interest in technology.

- Ability to communicate and discuss technical concepts at many levels, from IT professionals to those without a background in technology.

- Strong experience in project management and change management.

- Experience interacting with regulators, customers, partners and suppliers with respect to incidents, audits or other related inquiries.

- Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment and manage a significant workload.

- Strong leadership and independent decision-making ability.

- Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to compile and analyze regulatory and business information, assess risk, and provide resolutions or recommendations for process improvement.

- Highly collaborative individual with ability to influence others and build strong professional relationships.

- Ability to work in a cross-functional environment.

- Excellent verbal and written communication and negotiation skills.

- Fluent in English, further European language skills helpful.

About the Company

The ideology of Qommodity is the establishment of Legacy. This legacy will be realized by restructuring current processes from a different perspective.

Through the unconventional approach and executions of Qommodity and their close partners we will realize the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. In the transition process we establish, Qommodity will function as a movement that is supported by all stake holders involved. We have a clear and transparent focus on environmental, social and governance aspects.

Monetization of natural resources, adaptation of disruptive technologies supported by a cutting edge interoperable blockchain eco system and hybrid solutions between crypto and the traditional monetary infrastructures will be the guarantee for a never-seen-before development.

Join the movement of Qommodity. Be a Qommoditarian, for the sustainability of humanity and our mother earth.