Creating Legacy

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Our mission is to facilitate the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind by making these untapped resources suitable for monetization. In doing so, we aim to give people from all over the world the chance to access these resources without exploiting them because gold mining is one of the most destructive industries in the world.

At the same time, gold is worth the same no matter where you store it – in a bank, in a vault at your home so why even extract it from the ground? By using the ESG processes, we monetize the in-ground value of these resources in order to introduce them into the financial system in a revolutionary way, based on the love and respect for nature, people, and the communities.


Traditional financial systems no longer provide us means to fulfill our needs.

Nowadays, the decisions are taken only by a handful of people, and here is where we step in – giving the power to the people by creating a new system, one that combines the features of traditional currencies with the incomparable benefits of cryptocurrency.

By doing so, we give people from all over the world the chance to achieve a better life and create a brighter future.


Q1 – 2022

  • Listing for Proof of Concept on Decentralized Exchanges (to create the token value)

  • Payment gateways CoinPayments and Coinbase Qommodity /Sourceless Global Tech Innovation Summit Dubai

  • Regulation Procedures and Structures for listing on CEX

  • Preparation of dedicated wallets

  • Preparation of SWOP in several Stages

  • Extensive exploration for initiation NI43-101 Kenema Region

  • Ongoing expansion of NI43-101 Monboto Region

Q2 – 2022

  • QAA Registration Token creation on BSC

  • GitHub – public contract BSC

  • Smart Contract audit

  • Liquidity construction (BNB, BUSD, USDC, QAA)

  • Execution of SWOP in several stages

  • Branding and further events worldwide

  • PR campaigns and extended social media activities

  • Brand awareness campaigns

  • Airdrop and AMA Community Event

  • Creating Launchpads (5 - 10 platforms)

  • Further DEX listings

  • Qommodity CEX listing

  • Preparation of dedicated wallets

  • SourceLess/Qommodity Dubai Exclusive Summit in June 2022

  • Qommodity Investment Updates

  • Preparation production – Bulk sampling SSML

  • Monboto production site

  • Compliance process for expansion on exploration licenses in Sierra Leone

  • Alignment communication channels

  • Renewal of websites and communication structures with communities

  • Visit Sierra Leone and creation of field trip reportage

  • Alignment and renewal of all Social Media platforms, initiating of online campaigns

  • Initiation of 200Mio. LE micro credit scheme for underprivileged women in Kenema Region

  • Crowning of CEO Tandem Liber Holdings as Honorary Paramount

  • Chief by the relevant authorities as recognition for the social responsibility and assistance to the people of Sierra Leone

  • Initiation of the school building project in Constituency 021

Q3 – 2022

  • Qommodity CEX development

  • Preparing for migration to SourceLess Blockchain

  • Receiving ISIN

  • Receiving of QAAA ST

  • Receiving of several additional Licenses: Financial, Trading, Exchange

  • Qommodity Investment updates

  • Initiation of 800 Mio LE development scheme for several projects qualified as community action development programs in several regions in Serra Leone, schooling, clean water projects, health care initiatives, etc., all under patronage of the local communities and with governance of Tandem Liber Holdings.

  • Visit scheduling for Bolivia and Surinam for extension of the ongoing extension of resource acquisition and geoprahic spread of fundamental resources within the scope of Qommodity.

  • Finalization school building project in Constituency 021 ongoing extension of NI-43191 geological studies and preparation in the ongoing prouduction

  • Preparation for the office in Dubai and centralization and alignment of human and digital capital in this region

  • Negociations with African financial and resource orientated institutions for possible cooperation.


​The 15% mineral exploration allocation is used for new exploration licenses. This is a first step towards the expansion of concession, which qualifies within the vision of QAAA.

A 5% team allocation is being used as an incentive for team members as a reward for completing the mission and vision of Qommodity.

2,5% of the total allocation will be used for development (Blockchain and other logistic aspects) and improvement of the ecosystem behind Qommodity, in order to offer the users the best experience when accessing the project.

5% of the total allocation represents reserves, a strategic deposit serving the purpose of being accessed in case of need, to offer the participants an extra safety measure.

10% are to be offered to all those who join the project in its early phases by showing support and making it known worldwide.

The marketing allocation (8%) includes the advertising services and incentives for the brand ambassadors, in order to reward their efforts of sharing Qommodity’s vision within their communities.

Liquidity allocation (14,5%) is meant to offer everybody the chance to adopt the revolutionary token through any exchange we are being listed on.

40% will be allocated for the development of 3 branches: agriculture, industry, and renewable energy. As our main goal is to facilitate the largest wealth transition in the history of humankind without destroying the planet, we allocate a significant percentage to development processes in agriculture, industry, and renewable energy, improving the living conditions of local communities and protecting the environment at the same time.


The Team

Excellence & Experience combined

All together decades of experience in various fields and industries. Each team member has its own specialty, is driven and motivated to the bone, but most of all, we all have the heart in the right place and care for others. This is what makes Qommodity a family, this is what will deliver the impossible.


Change of Perspective

Tandem Liber Holdings Limited has been in Sierra Leone since 2008 and ever since established a noticeable Exploration, Prospecting & Mining company. Currently it holds the rights to four exploration licenses and one mining license covering an area of 354.5 sq. km. 


TLH's search for finding a way to capitalize on their achievements, rejecting the traditional methods as only the happy few would benefit, has led to the establishment of Qommodity as the leading brand for monetization of natural resources.

We have embarked on a journey since 2019 that will lead to the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. In our approach we will combine the traditional industries of Finance, Exploration & Mining with new technologies, and more importantly innovative thoughts.


The innovative thoughts are changing the perspective of these industries and could provide a game-changing solution to switch from the destructive consumption economy we are in right now, to a circular information and monetary economy. 

We have seen and felt the hardship in Africa, we have seen and experienced the potential of Africa and we truly believe that together we will thrive. Africa has changed us and together we will change the world for the benefit of humanity!

Brand Ambassadors

Legal Notice

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Job Opportunities

Qommodity is a fast growing organisation in the Blockchain Industry

Qommodity is a, dynamic and fast growing global organization and we are continuously looking for excellent people to become part of the history we are writing.